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Boys and Girls Country Spring Festival Case Study
Case Study One
Branding: Boys and Girls Country Spring Festival

Challenge: Boys and Girls Country (BGC), a non-profit Christian home for boys and girls from homes in crisis, had struggled with the branding for their annual fund-raiser for several years. A different theme each year, with its own graphics and slogan, confused their current and potential supporters, rather than promoting BGC and publicizing their spring festival.

Strategy: Neos Marketing and Claudia Herring Design decided that BGC needed an identity designed for the Spring Festival that would firmly brand it as the BGC annual fund-raiser. It needed to be fun, creative and address children and growth. Handprints in paint represented the boys and girls, and, when formed into a flower, this became the perfect logo for their spring festival. This logotype with a fun, free look was developed to complete the branding.

Results: BGC now had a clear identity and branding for their Spring Festival. The logo and logotype was used on all the campaign and publicity materials: flyers, ads, invitations, envelopes, lunch tickets, envelope stuffers, maps, email masthead, raffle tickets and ticket order mailers. They have used the branding for several years, varying the colors of the logotype, with resounding success.

Boys and Girls Country Spring Festival Logo
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