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Case Study Two
CRI: How do I stand out?

Challenge: Capital Reconstruction, Inc. (CRI) offers quality construction and reconstruction for office complexes and other commercial clients, build-outs for new tenants, and renovation for catastrophic damage from fire, water and wind. Their stand-out service and quality controls set them apart from their competition. They needed a way to communicate this difference to their existing clients for referrals and to potential clients in order to grow their business.

Strategy: CRI had clients who hired them for renovation who did not know that they also specialized in reconstruction and vice versa. They were losing potential big business from their commercial building managers who did not know they could hire them to fix water, fire and wind damage. We designed a 4-page brochure on cover stock that briefly explained CRI's quality work and detailed their special services. To drive home their quality and special services, we created a slogan, The Value-fit Difference.

Results: The brochure has an architectural graphic on the front cover showcasing a blurb about CRI's Value fit Difference. Inside, photos illustrate the value drivers that create CRI as a quality company. A separate page specifically details their service areas. CRI has now expanded their client base. Their commercial management clients now know that they can call upon CRI if there is any damage to their buildings as well as for their build-out needs. CRI has gained new clients by merely informing their existing clients of the full range and value of their services.

CRI brochure cover
CRI brochure spread
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