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Case Study Three
Branding: WorldWide Synergy

Challenge: Worldwide Synergy (WWS) is a company that offers training to corporate employees who will be living and/or doing extensive business in other countries. Training is offered on cultural differences, how to conduct business efficiently without any gaffes, how to socialize graciously. WWS also repatriates employees who return to the United States after time abroad, bringing them up to speed on current business practices.

WWS needed a logo and a stationery package. Their stipulations: Do not put a world in the logo, and we need to look professional for our large corporate clients.

Strategy: Create something modern, upbeat and symbolic that will brand WWS as the go to company for training employees headed abroad. Use modern symbols and colors.

Results: A sophisticated mark, two people sharing the same thought, and their slogan, Harnessing the talent of the world through intellectual competence. This drawing represents establishing rapport across borders which is echoed in the statement on the back of the business card: Successful results in the international arena directly relate to the degree individuals can recognize cultural differences . . . and establish rapport across borders. The stationery package contains: letterhead, business cards, envelopes and stock card to fit into envelopes.

WWS stationery package: identity
WWS logo
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